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Guiding and Protecting your Kids: Whole-House Internet Controls



  • Dr. Larry Dunn

    Just ordered one for my "kids" to use in their house to monitor the grand-kids. Great discount, free shipping, and easy ordering.

  • Oster Family

    I have one of these and it is AWESOME.  It's the best $100 I have ever spent.  I can see exactly what my kids are doing and when.  I can block content based on their age or the time of day.  I can set a time limit for each that (minutes they are allowed on the wifi).  I can set a bedtime and awake time automatically, so their wifi gets shut off at a certain time and can't be accessed until a certain time in the morning.  I can view every web site they visit and how long they were on it.  The best part is that I can pause their wifi access at any time with one button.  If they haven't done a chore or finished their homework, I just pause their wifi and they come running wanting to know why they don't have wifi.  I then turn it back on when their stuff is done.  I will admit that my 8th grader hates it and calls it my "stalking machine", but as a parent, it is my job to keep them safe and help them make good choices on the internet and with electronic devices in general.  I still randomly check their devices and they still have to turn them all in to me at bedtime, but this is a great way to keep everyone accountable while on wifi.  Joel and I also have access to each other's online habits too.  There really is no room or reason for internet secrecy.  If you are visiting something you don't want your parents or spouse to see, then that's a good indicator that you shouldn't be there in the first place.  It's super simple to set up and if anyone needs help, I would be happy to help you get it set up.  I bought mine in the store at Target on SMP.  You can also purchase a monthly service that allows you to monitor their activity while on cell service or other wifi's as well - I haven't purchased that though, as we do have other restrictions set up as well.

  • Sam Soliday

    What about LTE and even 5G now?


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